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Site: http://www.babbleplanet.com

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Babble Planet is a iPad game for kids aged 6 and up to learn spoken English. Immersed in a fully English-speaking world, children find themselves in the midst of a great adventure around the world where they can take advantage of their natural ability to learn new sounds and practice their listening and speaking skills.

It is very important to master comprehension and expression skills first when you learn a new language (exactly how we treat our native language). Babble Planet takes advantage of kids’ amazing abilities to learn new sounds and helps them practice spoken English with fun mini-games.

Our innovative learning method evaluates kids’ pronunciation thanks to a speech recognition tool and gives them a real feedback on their pronunciation! All the dialogues are recorded by native English speakers to train kids’ ears in distinguishing English sounds and intonations. All the pedagogic content is developed by our expert in English learning for children.

Plate-forme: iOS iPad, Amazon
Url de l’Apps: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id526724091
Twitter: @babbleplanet